December 14, 2010

Week 8: The State I'm In




  1. @Douwe: great architecture
    @Jana: i miss home
    @Laura: didn't know you were a triplet

  2. I'm just full of surprises! :) And the Laura on the right is actually eating an apple but I messed up the angle...oh well. Trial and error :)
    Cori: What did you use for the light painting?

  3. When I first saw Laura's picture, the very first thought in my mind - however irrational sounds - was Oh, my God! Laura's sister looks just like Laura! Seriously, it took my little brain some extra effort to put one and one (and one) together.

    Now, Laura, you have to tell me how you did it - Even Jordan went: Whoa!

    Douwe: I was hoping to find a similar way of expressing what [actual] state [of the Union] I was in, but unfortunately I live in an architecturally challenged city :) I love the simplicity of your picture, and the complexity of the architecture it displays. I miss Europe.

  4. well, it's not the greatest pic, but you have to start somewhere right? I took 3 separate photos (obviously) while my camera was on a makeshift tripod and then I layered them in GIMP which is a free photo editing program. It's an easier (and cheaper) version of photoshop. Anyways, hopefully i can start doing some cool things with it! Glad you like it :)

  5. I love GIMP! Ever since Jordan got me hooked on it (let me rephrase it: ever since he got fed up with me constantly begging him to resize pictures for me, and concluded teaching me the basics would make much more sense), I've been wholeheartedly recommending it to everyone and anyone. I couldn't be happier to read you are using it, too.