November 23, 2010

Week 5: Money


  1. Thank you. It only took 318 pictures to get it just right :) Thank goodness for digital photography!

  2. Cori I love the lighting and simplicity.
    Jana- trial and error! :) yay for digital!
    Douwe- Very cool stoic faces. The brick color gives it a nice overall feeling.
    anna: interesting idea of holding it in your hand. good close up

  3. Nice pics, everyone!
    I love all the different interpretations, too, Anna!
    And as usual, I can't wait for next week:)!

  4. Laura: the thing about trial and error is that there are moments when one discovers something completely unrelated to the initial purpose. In my case, I was unprepared for the thrill of re-discovering the joy of spinning a coin! I could've gone on for hours had I not had to start making dinner.

  5. The lighting of the 2 cent piece is very well done! Jana, it took me a second to figure out what your picture was - at first I thought it was something underwater! When I finally saw the coin I cheered - for your fabulous photo as well as for me catching up :)

  6. @Anna,
    the faces on this building were the people who organised the money needed to build 'Plan Zuid'. In the '20s the biggest city planning project in the world. The buildings were made according to the so called 'Amsterdamsche School'. A group of architects who made total design (everything from doorknob to facade was designed by the same person).
    The project was paid for by the city of Amsterdam.

    This is were I grew up!

    @Jana, it is not only the color: they are bricks! ;-)